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Thayer O’Neal is named for founding partners John Thayer and Mickey O’Neal.

“Mr. O’Neal is a great business partner. Mickey is an excellent CPA and very knowledgeable on SEC matters. He audited a publicly-traded company where I was the CFO for several years and did an outstanding job as the engagement Partner (reverse merger registration; ’33 Act and ’34 Act filings). Always knows how to deal with any technical matter, never phased by “last minute”events that are inevitable in many SEC filings. Good person to have on your team.”
David G. Gullicskon, Partner, Tatum
“David Gerber
Commercial Real Estate Broker since 1989. Represent Buyers or Tenants. All Property Types.

“I’ve know Mickey for over fifteen years.
He is a well-respected CPA who specializes in the healthcare industry.
A good part of my brokerage business involves healthcare professionals, and Mickey has provided excellent accounting services over the years to several of my clients.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mickey to anyone contemplating using his services.”

David Gerber, Commercial Real Estate Broker since 1989. Represent Buyers or Tenants. All Property Types.

Thayer O’Neal was launched in January 2015. Mickey and John have known each other personally and professionally since the early 1990’s. Both are focused on providing accounting and tax services primarily to the healthcare industry for much of their career, and served as partners together in other accounting firms prior to the inception of THAYER O’NEAL.

Together Mickey and John have created a thriving and rapidly growing accounting practice based in Sugar Land with separate practice areas including audit, tax and consulting services. They have been able to recruit a very high quality staff that includes a high percentage of Certified Public Accountants. Several of the firms senior audit staff and managers are also Certified Fraud Examiners. The practice is also very diverse and is multi-lingual with the ability to serve clients in  Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Tagalog and Urdu, as well as English.

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