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Thayer O’Neal’s Areas of Expertise in Consulting and Financial Reporting Services

Consulting Services

Trust is the key attribute our clients have in us because we approach every client as a trusted business advisor.  Advisory services are solution focused and the lifeblood of what bonds us to our clients and establishes and maintains the level of trust that they have in us.

Outsourced Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation

Entrepreneurial businesses often reach a point where they need accounting oversight and someone to take on the burden of daily accounting tasks, but can’t justify the cost of a full-time CFO or controller. When you reach that point, outsourced accounting services can give you back your time and help you make informed decisions.

We standardize the processes involved with the accounting functions of a small business. Our structured outsourced accounting services are uniquely tailored to keep your cost down but maximize the accounting expertise you need to run your business. Generally, transaction entry is performed by someone in your businesses. Paying bills, sending invoices, maintaining any industry specific billing or cost accounting program you have are done by your staff. We assure that bank accounts are enabled for online banking and that transactions download regularly making sure that cash accounts are reconciled timely. At month end we access your accounts electronically, make any required journal entries and deal with unusual or large transactions and prepare reports for management, including compiled financial statements.

Financial Reporting

Many of our clients are publicly reporting. We assist with the preparation of SEC forms including 10K, 10Q and S-1 registration statements.  Having experienced CPAs with management consulting expertise draft the management, discussion and analysis included in these reports makes them more beneficial to the reader and more consistent from period to period.

Industry Specific Consulting

Our professionals have expertise in several industries and healthcare is the industry in which we excel. We assist medical groups and other healthcare providers in implementing change management processes including practice assessments to determine where operations efficiencies need to be applied, benchmarking and implementation of physician compensation plans.

Data Analysis and Continuous Fraud Auditing

We use various powerful data analysis tool to assist our auditors perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns. We have on many occasions utilized this data analysis approach to provide continuous auditing oversight to minimize the risk of fraud, embezzlement or other financial irregularities in our client’s business operations.


We are all about integrity and you can rely on us


We will be available when you need us


We get to the right solution every time


We apply imagination to all services we provide

ThayerONeal’s Other Services

A consulting firm that thinks outside the box? That’s too cliché for us, like Grant Snider we first look at the box from a new perspective, deconstruct the box and find a new use for it, push the box as far as it will go and then solve the riddles of the box all for your benefit.

Why Choose Us

      • We are proactive
      • We are invested in your success
      • We want to make a difference in our clients’ business
      • ThayerONeal takes its client relationships very seriously and take pride in helping them achieve their financial goals

What Clients Say

“We came to Mickey with a complicated business accounting issue. He was able to help us with the issue in a timely manner, and with excellent results.”
Richard Vanik, M.D., P.A. , President
“Mickey has a superb knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles combined with an in-depth understanding of the accounting and reporting challenges of a small public company.”
Hughes Watler, CFO, Caprock Oil, Inc.
Mr. O’Neal is one of the more thorough and client focused executives I have been associated with. His technical skills and calm demeanor are welcomed by both clients and staff. I always consider him when client firms call with accounting issues.
Mark K. Lindsey, Client Relations Executive